HOT BUTTERED RUM Indulgence 18oz

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About this Fragrance ~ Warm buttery notes blend with a slight hint of sweet Caribbean Rum.

About this Product ~ An elegant new addition to our line of fragrance products, Indulgence™ is a double-wick, 18oz candle that offers the classic trademarked packaging of McCall’s Candles’ embossed metal lid, strap and handle in a decorative, non-labeled grooved jar.

Quicker pooling than a single wick candle (liquefies faster) / Has more fragrance throw than a single wick candle (smells stronger) / Has the same length of burn time as our other 16oz candles (i.e., doesn’t burn at a faster rate, just uses 2 smaller wicks, for more even burning)

Approximate Burn Time ~ 110-130 hours

Made in the USA

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FRAGRANCEHot Buttered Rum
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